Not sur you like sushi?

Try our Honey Soy Chicken maki
or you can try a
Snowball! which is without nori (the black seaweed)

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Tuesday @ Riche terre
Wednesday @ Ebene
Thursday @ Port-Louis

Quick and healthy office lunch?

Free delivery every:
Tuesday @ riche terre
Wednesday @ ebene
Thursday @ port-louis

North this week end!!!

People of the north!
Come taste our sushi
@ the craft market in Forbach
3pm to 8pm

Look out for new items!!!
Coming out very very soon... 

Free Weekly deliveries

Tuesdays @ Riche Terre
Wednesdays @ Ebene
Thursdays @ Port-Louis

To be ordered 1 day in advance

SUSHI… What is it?

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish, which consists of Rice flavoured with Vinegar, Nori (toasted Sea Weed) and a variety of ingredients (usually Raw fish or Sea food).

A wide variety of Sushi exists, depending on their fillings, toppings, condiments and preparation, but the most popular ones are maki, nigiri and sashimi.

Sushi is regarded to be a healthy food as it is fresh, very low in fat and uses healthy products. Nori are also full of protein, vitamins and minerals.


At Bite Me we offer the traditional sushi, but we also make Sushi adapted to Mauritian taste.  You can find all our products under Price List.


At Bite me, we are dedicated in offering fresh and healthy products at an honest price. We pride ourselves in providing a personalized and efficient service.


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